In 2007, we hatched an idea to start taking what we called “integrated retirement.” The idea was that we shouldn’t wait until we were in our 50’s or 60’s to take advantage of the things we love to do.  So in a hotel room in San Luis Obispo, we sketched out a plan, and bought plane and train tickets.  Over the next months I quit my beloved job, we stuffed all of our belongings in a storage unit, and we were off on our first adventure that took us through three continents.  We liked the idea so much that two years after our first trip we did it again, this time buying an RV and travelling around Canada and the US.  At the end of that one, we bought a house in Portland and took on something neither of us had done before: settling down in our own home.  What’s next?  After four years of living the settled life, I would bet that we’ll have something in the works soon.  And maybe I’ll have some time to add some new posts…

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