Talk About an Odyssey…

It took us four days to get from Scotland to Germany. OK, so four days doesn’t really compare to the 20 years that it took for Odysseus to get home, but Odysseus never had to ride an overnight bus from Edinburgh to London. If he had, it is certain that at least one person would have been slain. Here is a rough sketch of our journey with details to be described in later posts.

Start time: 9:00 AM October 1

Drive from Skye to Edinburgh in rental car

Take bus from car rental place to Edinburgh bus station

Overnight bus from Edinburgh to London

October 2

Bus from London to Dover

Ferry from Dover to Calais

October 3

Train from Calais to Paris

RER and metro trains to hotel

October 4

Metro train to train station

Train from Paris to Frankfurt

Train from Frankfurt to Munich

Train from Munich to Freilassing

Train from Freilassing to Berchdesgaden

Taxi from train station to lodging

End time: 10PM October 4

85 hours. Not bad.

This morning I heard some reporter on CNN bitching about how it took her two plane rides and two ferries to get to this island in Indonesia. Big deal! Try getting from Scotland to Germany sometime!

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