Natural Born Killer

I have become an indiscriminate killer. It came as quite a shock to me as normally I wouldn’t do much as kill a spider if I didn’t have to. But lately something strange has been happening. It starts with me hearing a high-pitched whining noise. As it continues, I get more and incensed until I can’t control myself. Once I see a target it’s all over within seconds. My hands reach out stealthily—they rarely see it coming—and suddenly the lethal blow is dealt. The legs collapse, the body contorts, and occasionally blood spurts across my open palm. I look at my victim not with pity and remorse, but with satisfaction and often utter some kind of victory sound like “HA!” I let the body fall to the ground and might even give it a stomp for good measure. And the thing is that I will do this as long as I keep hearing this horrible sound. Bodies pile up on the floor and I’m still not satisfied. My hands are aching from dealing death blows and I’m still not satisfied. Not until the whining stops. And then I go about my business as if nothing ever happened, perfectly able to sleep at night even though I may have killed hundreds.

Mosquitoes are the most vile creatures on earth and they deserve to die. If they want to take my blood, then I want theirs. Each painful, itchy, red welt that shows up on my skin makes me even more determined to exterminate any and all flying bloodsuckers that cross my path. And I’m getting good at it. So watch out, bitches.

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